Workplace Health and Safety

Program Description

The University General Health and Safety Manual defines the General Health and Safety Program for the University of Pittsburgh. This Program has been developed to provide guidance to faculty, staff, and students in an effort to effectively establish and maintain a safe and healthful work environment, and to ensure compliance with applicable regulations.

This manual is intended to serve as a reference guide through which all University personnel may familiarize themselves with the policies, procedures, and precautions necessary to work safely at the University. It is by no means a complete or all-encompassing source of health and safety information. This manual is designed to be used as a supplement, not a replacement, for the rules, regulations, standards, and codes that are applicable to the diverse operations of the University of Pittsburgh.

Other information sources on general safety and health may be obtained through the Department of Environmental Health and Safety at 412-624-9505 or via e-mail request at safety@ehs.pitt.edu.


The objectives of the University of Pittsburgh General Health and Safety Program are to:

  • identify potential hazards to health and safety at the University of Pittsburgh;
  • prescribe suitable means for the evaluation and control of hazards;
  • investigate all accidents and institute corrective actions to prevent reoccurrence;
  • provide guidance for compliance with federal, state, and local regulations and make specific reference to such regulations where appropriate;
  • promote health and safety awareness among University faculty, staff, and students by developing and implementing effective training programs to minimize the impact of workplace hazards.

University Environmental Health and Safety Committee

The University Environmental Health and Safety Committee and its Subcommittees are composed of representatives from the University community.  Their function is to provide a forum for discussion of University-wide environmental, health, and safety issues.  The current Sub-committees are the Chemical Hygiene Officers’ Committee and the University Biohazards Committee.

EH&S Committee Members

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