Agent Registration Workbook

The Environmental Health and Safety Agent Registration Workbook facilitates the collection and review of safety-related information regarding the use of biological and chemical agents at the University.

  • Research projects involving animal work or a combination of animal and recombinant DNA work are no longer required to be registered with EH&S via an Agent Registration Workbook. All of this work should be registered with the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee using the ARO online registration system (www.aro.pitt.edu)
    • During the ARO online registration process, information regarding biological and chemical agents administered to animals and/or recombinant DNA materials administered to animals will be collected and forwarded to EH&S for review and generation of a protocol-specific risk assessment.
  • Research projects involving only recombinant DNA or other hazardous materials, such as pathogens handled at BSL-2 or BSL-3 or certain chemical hazards, should be registered with EH&S using the Agent Registration Workbook (see below).
  • The Agent Registration Workbook contains five sections (administrative, laboratory, personnel, biological agent, and chemical agent). Each section requires specific information for completion.

Completing and Submitting the EH&S Agent Registration Workbook

Links to the EH&S Agent Registration Workbook can be found to the right. Please download the workbook file that is appropriate for the operating system and screen resolution that you are currently using. (Screen resolution can be determined in Windows by choosing "Control Panel" from the Start Menu and then "Display Properties" then "Settings", and on an Apple by opening "System Preferences", then choosing "Display".)

For PC Users MS Excel Macro security level must be set at low or medium. When opening a PC version of the Agent Registration Workbook, Excel will notify the user that the file contains macros and will provide the choice to enable or disable them. In order to use the Workbook correctly, macros must be enabled. Once macros are enabled, use the “HUB” spreadsheet to enter all information and the “REV” spreadsheet to review your entries.

Investigators are encouraged to review the Instructional Guide in regard to the completion of the Agent Registration Workbook file (Agent Registration Workbook Overview)

Once all applicable sections of the workbook are completed, submit the MS Excel file to EH&S via email at biosafe@ehs.pitt.edu. Following receipt of your workbook, you will receive an email confirmation indicating that EH&S is in the process of evaluating your workbook.