OnLine Training from EH&S

General Information

EH&S has developed a number of online training modules using the Qualtrics Survey environment. After completion of a module, the user will be returned to this page.

To be credited for fulfilling a training requirement, the user must successfully complete the quiz associated with the training module.

Prior to beginning the training module, users will be required to authenticate/log in. Enter the Pitt user name (user name only; do not include @pitt.edu) and password. Users may need to enter the Pitt user name/password twice.

Users from UPMC networked buildings, please review Special Instructions.

If the quiz portion of the module was completed successfully, the user will receive an email message documenting compliance with the training requirement. If the quiz potion of the module was NOT completed successfully, the user may reselect the module at any time from this page.

Currently Available Online Training Modules:

Reference Documents:

PDF Version:  Dangerous Goods Reference Document

External Resources

Online Training through SHS (CME)

Bloodborne Pathogens and Chemical Hygiene training modules are available through the School of Health Sciences eLearning website (https://cme.hs.pitt.edu).

Special Instructions for
UPMC Networked PCs


Include the Pitt domain name and backslash with your Pitt user account: